Brother of NBA Star: Getting to know Chase Parsons

Brother of NBA Star: Getting to know Chase Parsons

Posted on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 at 3:14 PM by

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be the brother of an NBA Star? We have here today Chase Parsons brother of Chandler Parsons (Small Forward, Houston Rockets) answering fan questions submitted to

Chase what is it like being the brother of an NBA player?

Being the brother of an NBA player definitely has its perks. It has given me the opportunity to meet several other professional athletes and celebrities, go on several trips and vacations and to attend several rockets games.

Has Chandler changed your family’s lifestyle?

Our family’s lifestyle has not changed drastically. We have always been very family oriented and that continues to be the case. However, we have been traveling a lot more, supporting Chandler and the Rockets.

How have you supported Chandler over the years in helping him achieve his dreams

We have always been very supportive of Chandler throughout his career. Growing up, Chandler had 3 older brothers so he was constantly playing with older kids and getting beat up. He was able to overcome the age disparity and compete at a higher level which ultimately made him stronger and very competitive.

Personally, Chandler and I played basketball together beginning at a young age in the YMCA league. We played on a team coached by our father, Gary, and were very dominant. This summer, I have been helping Chandler on a very strict strength training/basketball conditioning regimen. Chandler is stronger than ever and has taken his game to the next level.

If you were to change places with Chandler for a day what is the first thing you would do?

Boring answer: Keep working hard, get better and stay dedicated.

Fun answer: Go to the mall and shop with his credit card, play and hangout with the best NBA players, go to the nicest clubs and ball out.

What are some of your favorite spots to hang out in Houston?

Del Friscos, Eddie V’s, Reef, Dogwood, Estate, Proof, Roak, etc.

How often do you catch Rockets games?

Every game. Either in person or on NBA league pass when I am away at medical school studying.

Who is your favorite player on the Rockets?

Besides Chandler, Jeremy is a close 2nd.

Are you older or younger than Chandler?

15 months older than Chandler.

Did you play basketball growing up?

Yes, myself and all 3 brothers played basketball, baseball and football growing up, but unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with a six inch growth spurt in high school, so I had no choice but to hit the books!

What are some embarrassing things about Chandler?

He can’t cook, has a terrible singing voice, and needs a GPS to go anywhere.

What is something Chandler wouldn’t want you telling us?

He used to bleach his hair blonde back in the day.

Favorite memory growing up with Chandler?

Some of my fondest memories growing up with Chandler include sharing bunk beds,  playing wiffle ball in the backyard, dominating the winter park YMCA youth basketball league and taking family vacations to North Carolina.

Who is better looking you or your brother?

A young girl might say Chandler but a sophisticated woman votes for me nine times outta ten.

Who is better with the ladies?

Chan is definitely a ladies man but I taught him everything I know so I take partial credit.

What were your reactions upon hearing about Dwight Howard signing with Houston?

Immediate reactions: Western Conference finals this year and a championship within the next few seasons.

Chase, we want to thank you for taking the time with Rockets Social and also Chandler for approving this interview to go up on our site. Best of luck to both of your futures. Go Rockets!

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  • gevjr84

    pretty cool interview, keep them coming #rednation

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  • jacoby


    Keep em’ coming!

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  • Alex

    Thanks Chase for doing this for us!

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  • iloveparsons

    MORE PARSONS!!!!!!!!!! *FAINTS*

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  • 3thehardenway

    Wow nice! I like these kind of things! Good work!

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  • htown-cutie

    <3 mmm Both are cute.

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  • mszbabyrocket

    :) I love this.

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  • caucaznthunder

    I`ve met Chandler before. He mentioned his brothers a few times. Glad he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

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  • awnya

    nice interview! two thumbs up! ! ♥♡♥

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